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Christmas lights

Christmas may seem like a dim and distant memory now with Spring upon us and the days getting sunny and long. However, I am sure that you can recall how lovely and festive the village looked over the Christmas period with yet another year of beautiful lights adorning the lamp posts!

Over recent years, the Parish Council has funded and worked in conjunction with South Milford Primary School to run a competition where the children got the opportunity to design a light and the winners got theirs made into a light for the village. Christmas 2018 saw the introduction of the Penguin family, RIP Scrooge and the Virgin Mary.

This has been a brilliant community venture as well as the light switch on being a notable event in the village calendar. Unfortunately, the funding of the lights has grown increasingly year on year and with rising needs elsewhere, we have taken the difficult decision to look for alternative sources of funding for any new lights for 2019. However, we will continue to fund the storage, maintenance, placement and insurance of the existing lights so that the village can continue to enjoy them for future Christmases – this in itself is not a small cost.

On discussion with the contacts at the school, Friends of South Milford School (FOSMS) are looking into funding a light this year but we are also appealing to those in the village (residents & businesses) who would like to make a contribution towards the festivities by providing the funding for new lights. You can choose the design or continue with the school competition to decide the design.

We would acknowledge the kind donation through many media streams so that your business would also benefit from the advertising as well as the knowledge that you have contributed to your own village.

If you would like more information on ‘sponsoring a light’, please contact us via email at or through the contact box on the Parish Council Website which can be found at

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