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Ingthorne Lane - between South Milford and Monk Fryston

South Milford Parish Council (SMPC) would like to clarify its involvement in a footpath issue which some of you may be aware of, relating to Ingthorne Lane (between South Milford and Monk Fryston).

Soon after the closure of track, SMPC discussed the issue at its meeting in January 2018. A number of people attended this meeting to listen to the discussi

on. SMPC concluded that, according to current North Yorkshire County Council (NYCC) maps, the track was not a public right of way, and that it was outside SMPC's remit to make any rulings in this case. SMPC did offer to help resolve the dispute by mediating between the parties concerned, but the offer was rejected.

When the matter was brought back to SMPC's attention in December 2018, SMPC considered it again. At its January 2019 meeting, SMPC noted that it has no remit to make decisions regarding public rights of way and land ownership disagreements - these matters are dealt by NYCC and other authorities.

However, in an attempt to reach a resolution to this issue as soon as possible, SMPC has now contacted our local NYCC Councillor (Mel Hobson) and he has agreed to contact the NYCC Public Rights of Way team to ask them to expedite their ruling on the matter.

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