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Gritting update

With the dark nights setting in, leaves largely fallen, and Christmas trees going up - winter is now with us. Looking at the long term predictions for this year, it looks like we could be in for very cold spells in January and February.

Thanks to all of you who have been in touch with us about gritting and where to place grit bins. Following your input we have placed new grit bins as follows: - Cass Lane in Lumby - the far end of The Harvesters estate - the top of Inglenook Close - in the Southlands estate (Fryston View/Swan Road)

In total we now have 22 grit bins across our parish, with two more hopefully coming soon (on Legion Street and Milford Road). Please zoom on the attached location map to find your nearest bin. All bins are currently full and we are aiming to keep them stocked throughout the winter, re-filling them during/post any freezing spell if necessary.

Gritting of roads and pavements is up to us all in the parish. Certain main roads should be gritted by North Yorkshire County Council when required but there is no responsibility from them, Selby District Council nor the Parish Council for gritting our pavements and other roads. Please be good neighbours and grit the pavements around your area during freezing periods. The grit bins are there for you to use! Many thanks

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