Public Rights of Way

Public footpaths and bridleways are shown in NYCC’s Definitive Map ( click on ‘View

public rights of way’), and this prevails over the Ordnance Survey map if there are discrepancies.


The Parish Council is pleased that the public has been using the public footpaths more since the first lockdown.  However, a plea to please respect these rights of way and the environment we live in.  Please stay on the paths, do not cross farmers’ fields or walk on tracks which are private land, and do not leave litter and/or dog waste behind.


The Council has continued to work on various footpath issues within the Parish in the past few years, and has recently formed a team (including councilors and residents) to audit all footpaths in the Parish (see report below), with aim being to have them preserved as rights of way and appropriately maintained.  Please get in touch if you’d like to join this team.  As well as the full report, our cover letter to NYCC and a follow-up letter to NYCC are also attached below.



A separate joint statement from South Milford and Monk Fryston Parish Councils covering the current position regarding the Turpin Lane right of way near at Milford Grange and the footpath from Long Heads Lane to the A162 at Cass Lane, is also available below. 


We are pleased to report that NYCC has confirmed that the cut-through from Common Lane to the bypass (opposite Milford Plants) is a public bridleway, and this has now been marked on their definitive map, preserving it for future use. 


NYCC has recently confirmed that London Road (at the back of the China Palace) ceased to be a public highway when the bypass was completed, and it does not have public footpath or bridleway status.  The Parish Council is aware of the recent private land signs erected by residents – these were approved by NYCC and are legitimate given the route is not currently a public right of way. We are continuing to investigate this with the landowners and NYCC, with our aim being to ensure that this heavily used walking/running route remains useable by the public.  Please await further updates, but in meantime the residents have kindly confirmed that considerate and polite pedestrians and cyclists can continue to use the London Road route.

Finally, the Parish Council has responded to Network Rail's consultation regarding the proposed closure of the footpath from Nordens Barn Farm to Low Mill Farm, and a copy of our response is attached for information.