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Do you want to be involved in Community Speed Watch and make our roads safer ?

Community Speed Watch is a scheme designed to improve road safety by allowing residents to address speed concerns in their community with the support of North Yorkshire Police.

A scheme is being set up in Sherburn ,South Milford and Lumby and a training session will be delivered at the Eversley Park Centre , Sherburn at 1pm on Friday 16th February.

This is for people who are willing to undertake the required training and commit to the scheme.It is not a meeting to discuss speeding issues on a particular street or indeed any other traffic issues (e.g parking ).The training session will take between 1 and 2 hours and will cover use of equipment,completion of roadside paperwork,general and site specific health and safety ,data protection and dealing with conflict. All members must sign the North Yorkshire Police Code of Conduct.

Fully trained community residents will then visit pre-approved sites with a radar gun to record the speed and registration number of offending vehicles.The presence of the team and the equipment acts as a deterrent and will encourage road users to take more care in this area .The scheme is not designed to catch as many speeders as possible.The aim is to reduce speeds and community fears ,making drivers aware that excessive speed is not acceptable.

if you are interested and willing to be involved in Community Speed Watch , you will be very welcome at the training session outlined above .

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