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Icy Weather and Gritting Pavements

GRITTING UPDATE Recent cold and icy weather has shown how important the grit bins are around the village, and also the great job that the Grit Squad has done to fill them up (including in December 2017) and arrange spreading the grit on pavements in past years. This is a volunteer group and the Parish Council’s thanks go to the Grit Squad for their continued help.

THINKING ABOUT 2018 It’s been a while since the grit bin allocation around the village has been reviewed, and the village has grown and pedestrian traffic increased since the current bins were positioned. Therefore, in order to be prepared for winter 2018, we will conduct a full review of the grit bins, making sure they are in the best places, and identifying where additional bins are needed. This review, along with any new bins will be in place ready for next winter.


YOUR HELP As we expand the number of grit bins, we (the residents) need to help out the Grit Squad with the aim of having volunteers in place to spread grit on as many pavements as possible. The review of grit bin positions should mean that there will be a good number of people who live quite near a grit bin, so next winter we will consider launching an “Adopt a Bin” scheme, where residents close to a bin will help out when we need to spread grit on icy nights or mornings. Keep an eye out later in the year when we hope to launch the scheme and explain how you’ll be able to help our more vulnerable residents and make the village less slippery for all. If you have any thoughts on the siting of a grit bin, please let me know.

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