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Sherburn aeroclub Overflying updates

Sherburn Aeroclub and Overflying of the Villages. I attended the liaison meeting in November which I found enlightening and welcoming. I am reassured that the aeroclub is very concerned about the number of complaints received from the villages over the last year and are actively trying to reduce this. I have attached the minutes of this meeting to both the facebook page and this website. We do need your help as residents. If you have concerns about the overflying of planes please contact me via an email to our Parish Clerk who will forward your email to me. I am putting together a small group of residents who are willing to help reduce the effect that theover flying is having on residents well being. If you wish to join us then let me know. Meanwhile please either phone, contact the seroclub on their website or email them your complaints of any over flying.

Their web page is:

Their email is:

Their phone number is: 01977 682 674

They do need us to report any overflying that is deemed to be repetitive and a nuisance. Please try and get the plane's number, but time and location and frequency is important. With this evidence they can warn and ban the pilot for this. They are looking to give an automatic response that they have received an email and are acting on it to reassure residents. Meanwhile I have been invited to go up for a flight to see the routes that should be taken and judge the height. I will keep you informed.

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