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Car parking charges at the train station

What is the problem?

Northern Rail have introduced car parking charges at South Milford train station, at £2 per day. This change has included marking out about 20 spaces and making parking outside of these spaces not possible without fines - prior to this 30-40 cars were able to park at the station. Also there have been no improvements to the station despite it being poorly lit, having no CCTV and no facilities to purchase train tickets.

What is the South Milford Parish Council doing about it?

Chris Gore and Rita Faria (South Milford Parish Councillors), together with the Selby District Rail Users Group, have been speaking Nigel Adams (MP for Selby and Ainsty) and his team about the introduction of car parking charges at the South Milford train station.

We have all written to Northern Rail to express our concerns and disappointment about the introduction of car parking charges when there is no improvement to the train station, which are so sorely needed.

What are our reasons for complaining?

We believe that the introduction of car parking charges is unfair to South Milford residents and train commuters given that such charges as not being introduced in other stations, and unreasonable given the poor facilities at South Milford train station. We are also concerned about cars parking on roads or other available areas of land near the station, and the highway safety issues this may cause.

What was the result of our complaints?

Northern Rail has replied to our complaints and explained that the decision to introduce car parking charges is commercial, consistent with a wider plan to introduce charges at certain other stations and that it is unrelated to any future plans for improvement at the station (which are promised by the end of 2019).

What’s next?

We will continue to express our concerns to Northern Rail and to Nigel Adams MP in order to lobby for the removal of car parking charges, at least until the train station is improved.

What can residents and commuters do?

Keep us updated about what’s happening at the train station, such as whether the number of commuters has reduced, where have cars been parked, etc.

Let us know if you experience any incidents at the station. For example, we are aware that there have been at least 3 instances of bikes being vandalised in recent months due to lack of secure bike storage and no surveillance.

The Parish Council can be contacted using the contact us link on our website. You can also write to Northern Rail to complain at or .

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