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Speeding Updates

On the advice from Highways Dept at NYCC I have submitted reports to 95 Alive regarding Butts Lane, Lumby and Low Street ,South Milford so that investigations can be made by the police regarding our speeding concerns.

I have received a reply advising that -

Butts Lane Lumby

This location is already subject to investigation and an update will be sent when the police have investigated the complaint in detail.

Low Street ,South Milford

This location was investigated in 2016 and the speed data obtained during that period indicated a mean average speed of 25/21mph, and therefore no further action was warranted.

Although enforcement and engineering works are not available we can look into the possibility of Community Speed Watch for Low Street.This allows communities to monitor speed themselves and report this information back to the police.

Cllr Mel Hobson NYCC is taking this forward for us .

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