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Speeding issues in Lumby and South Milford

Following the horrific accident in Lumby last week when a resident was involved and sustained very serious injuries ,requests have been made by residents to ask NYCC Highways and the Police to address these speeding issues in this hot spot for speeding before another accident happens.

Residents in Lumby have previously campaigned for traffic calming measures through the village as they felt this type of accident was waiting to happen. Unfortunatly there have now been 2 accidents in the last 6 months involving vehicles passing through Lumby .

The speeding problem in Lumby has been exacerbated since the development in Sherburn with increasing numbers of vehicles cutting through Lumby at speed on single track roads to avoid the A63/162 traffic build up at Battersby roundabout .

In addition to Lumby , the speeding hotspots in South Milford which have also been raised by residents - Lund Syke Lane and Low Street also need to be addressed .

We have campaigned for improvements to the pedestrian crossing on Low Street but have been advised by NYCC that the present crossing meets the required standard and the improvements we requested are therefore not necessary .

We have raised these with Mel Hobson - NYCC Cllr , who is keen to take these issues forward on our behalf with both NY Highways and the Police to see what can be done .

Mel is already involved in Community Speed watch in Sherburn and has agreed to extend the coverage to Lumby and South Milford to help address speeding across the Parish .

I have also requested that in view of this recent very serious accident NYCC seriously consider installing some traffic calming measures in our speeding hotspots .

We are working with Cllr Mel Hobson on this and will keep you updated.

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