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Lund Syke Lane - Speeding Issues Update.

Following my last update ,SMPC have made enquiries into the precise location of the date logger used to monitor speeds last October .We have obtained a screenshot of the data logger location which shows it was located on a straight stretch of road attached to a telegraph pole. The results used by NYCC when deciding the speed limit are therefore valid .

We have also requested 40mph speed signs for Lund Syke Lane .The Speed Limit Order is currently with NYCC Legal section for sealing , and once this is complete a sign request can be made.

Speeding issues across the Parish will be discussed at a future SMPC meeting and included on the agenda to inform residents of the date of the meeting .

In the meantime I would like to draw attention to a scheme called 95 ALIVE .

95 Alive involves local authorities ,emergency services and other agencies and aims to reduce the number of people killed or injured on the roads.

NYCC have worked with 95 ALIVE and developed a speed management protocol and reporting system for speeding complaints .

Anyone can report a site causing speed concerns and 95 ALIVE should be the 1st port of call for reporting speeding issues .

The site includes the speed concern report form which should be used to make the report so that an assessment can be made .

Please see the link below

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