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Lund Syke Lane - Speed Limit Update.

South Milford Parish Council have supported the residents of South Milford in their request to reduce the speed limit along Lund Syke Lane to 30mph .

We requested that the proposal to reduce the speed limit from 60mph to 40mph be reconsidered and lowered to 30mph.

Due to the number of objections raised by residents and SMPC, a report was compiled and submitted by NYCC to The Business and Environmental Services Executive Members Group.

They were asked to consider the facts and make the decision on the speed limit.

It included data logging information taking evidence of speeds during a 7 day period back in October 2016.This showed average speed figures of 24mph and 85 percentile figures of 29mph in both directions .

This group met on 16 December 2016 and decided that the proposed speed limit of 40mph is appropriate for both the environment and character of the road .After viewing the survey results they concluded that most drivers appeared to be driving at a speed which they considered appropriate .They considered 40 mph is less likely to be disregarded by drivers and was also in accordance with national guidance " setting local speed limits ".

They made the decision to make the speed limit 40mph and not 30mph .

Following this decision , SMPC requested further information on the data logger results from NYCC . Cllr Bob Packham has obtained details showing the data logger was located by the telegraph pole next to the last property on the lane by the bend in the road. SMPC consider the location on a bend in the road distorts the results and are asking NYCC to repeat the excercise in a different location on the lane .

We are also looking at how we can address speeding issues across South Milford and Lumby with NYCC and the police. We are planning to discuss this at a future Parish Council meeting to look at how we can take this forward with the residents of South Milford and Lumby.

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