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Welcome to the South Milford Parish Council website, the purpose of which is to update residents on the council's activities and share documents, including newsletters, minutes of meetings and financial information.   

A significant piece of work recently carried out by the council has been an audit of all Public Rights of Way (PROW) in the Parish, and a report covering the findings from this, together with other information about PROW, is available here.



The Community Trust and the Library Management Group are looking to appoint a part time Library Co-ordinator.  The purpose of the role will be to set up and maintain a database of local services, providing information to local residents within our catchment area.  We attach a copy of the job advertisement for anyone interested.


The menu bar at the top guides you to the different sections of the site, and there are also some quick link buttons below, including the green link to Fire Safety information from Tadcaster Fire Station (which will be updated throughout 2021).

There are links to, and information about, a range of organisations on the Village Amenities page, including the pop up Post Office in Grove House and a map showing the location of grit bins.  If villagers wish to include links to other relevant organisations then please send requests to the Parish Council Clerk.

Comments on how to improve the content of the website would also be welcome.


Next meeting is 7:00pm at Grove House, on 9 November 2021, agenda will be posted in the meetings section of the website when available.

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