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Welcome to South Milford Parish Council

Welcome to the South Milford Parish Council website, the purpose of which is to update residents on the council's activities and share documents, including newsletters, minutes of meetings and financial information.  Please also follow us on Facebook.   

There are links to, and information about, a range of organisations on the Village Amenities page, including the pop up Post Office in Grove House, a map showing the location of grit bins and lots of information about Public Rights of Way (PRoW).  If villagers wish to include links to other relevant organisations then please send requests to the Parish Council Clerk.

For information on NYC's proposed garden waste charging system, see this link.

For information on the Parish Council's new village allotments initiative, see this page.

For the Parish Council's June 2023 statement regarding South Milford football, see this link .

See attached notice of the forthcoming parliamentary election - 

Comments on how to improve the content of the website would also be welcome.

Our next meeting is scheduled for Tuesday 18 June 2024, at 7:30pm, at Grove House.  Agenda will be posted in the meetings section of the website when available.  


South Milford Parish Council                           

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