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Welcome to the South Milford Parish Council website, the purpose of which is to update residents on the council's activities and share documents, including newsletters, minutes of meetings and financial information.   

There are links to, and information about, a range of organisations on the Village Amenities page, including the pop up Post Office in Grove House, a map showing the location of grit bins and lots of information about Public Rights of Way (PRoW).  If villagers wish to include links to other relevant organisations then please send requests to the Parish Council Clerk.

Comments on how to improve the content of the website would also be welcome.

Improving the park

The Parish Council and the Park Committee are working together to improve the park, including the area at the eastern end of the park (to the right of the fenced multi-use games area as you look from the road), which is currently overgrown with vegetation. 

One proposal is to develop part of this area into a sensory garden, which would be dementia-friendly. A sensory garden is a garden which aims to stimulate the senses and be welcoming to everyone. The area closer to the stream would be left undeveloped, except for tidying up and potentially new planting to create a wildflower area. The plan would be to leave a relatively wild area in this location on the advice of the Environment Agency so that the sensory garden would have no adverse impact in terms of flood risk. For more details about this proposal, please see the following document.



An alternative option would be to improve the area at the eastern end of the park by focusing on removing brambles and overgrown vegetation, improving access to the land and potentially carrying out some wildflower planting. Under this option, we could perhaps consider a sensory garden in a different location in the park.  


We would really value your opinions on these proposed improvements, so please share your thoughts on these options.

Improvements to the Old Quarry

We are working to utilise some available funding to improve the area known as the Old Quarry - to the right of Westfield Lane, under the trees on the way out of South Milford.  The following document provides details of the type of improvements we are considering.




Our next meeting was scheduled to be on 19 July 2022, 7:30pm, at Grove House.  However, due to unforeseen circumstances this meeting cannot go ahead.  A new date will be advertised when known.  Sorry for any inconvenience caused.  Agenda will be posted in the meetings section of the website when available. 

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