Fire Safety 2021

Information from Tadcaster Fire Station

We are planning to roll out some of the advice, that we would usually offer at community gatherings, as digital content that can be shared on websites and social media platforms. The information will change throughout the year to correspond with the types of incidents that often become more frequent at that time of year.

If you, or someone you know in the parish, may be struggling with their personal safety, for whatever reason, please don’t hesitate to call the station to discuss the situation with one of our firefighters. We can offer advice on a wide range of personal safety issues and can advise on partner agencies that can assist our community if required. The number for the station is 01937 832223.

Our first topic is Electrical Fire Safety and I attach a number of documents that we would like you to share and a link to the register my appliance website which allows the owners of white goods to be notified if a safety issue has been identified with a product that they own or if that product has been recalled.

The electrical safety first website allows people to search for historic recalls of electrical products, that they might own, and provides additional information on the dangers of operating counterfeit electronic products.